This is pre-release software. You may encounter bugs, missing features, or incomplete documentation. If you do so or have feedback for us, please let us know.

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About the project is an educational and productive web app offering modular conversion, encoding, and encryption methods. The project was initiated by Fränz in 2009 and received the name “cryptii” in 2011. In August 2015 it got featured on the Reddit frontpage from which it grew in popularity. In 2017 it received a major overhaul introducing operations that can be chained sequentially. Today, the web app gets requested over 10k times a day.

During the past 10 years, we have learned so much and we'd like to put it into good use. That's why we are working on a complete redesign and rewrite of the application behind the scenes. The result of it is taking shape under a new name – “ciphereditor”.