• ciphereditor (that’s us!) Web-based playground for cryptography, coding, and data
  • cryptii Predecessor of ciphereditor
  • CrypTool project Popular free e-learning program for cryptography and cryptanalysis
  • CyberChef Established “cyber swiss army knife” for analyzing and decoding data
  • dCode Tools and resources for decoding messages and solving puzzles
  • Enigma simulation by Daniel Palloks Web-based simulation for 17 Enigma machine models
  • Ciphers on Simple ”pen and paper” ciphers running in your browser
  • Boxentriq Tools and resources for CTFs, ciphers, logic puzzles, and escape games
  • CryptoPrograms Website to create and solve classic ciphers online


Movies & TV series


  • Cypher First-person puzzle indie game about cryptography (for Windows)