Keyboard accessibility

Keyboard shortcuts

ciphereditor provides shortcuts that help to speed your workflow. Many keyboard shortcuts are mentioned in tooltips when you hover over buttons.

Canvas keyboard shortcuts (Windows and Linux / macOS):

  • Cut - Ctrl+X / ⌘X
  • Copy - Ctrl+C / ⌘C
  • Paste - Ctrl+V / ⌘V
  • Duplicate - Ctrl+D / ⌘D
  • Delete - Delete or Backspace / or
  • Select all - Ctrl+A / ⌘A
  • Nudge the selected node - , , ,
  • Undo - Ctrl+Z / ⌘Z
  • Redo - Ctrl+Shift+Z or Ctrl+Y / ⇧⌘Z
  • Navigate to selected program - Enter / ⌘↓
  • Navigate to parent program - Alt+↑ / ⌘↑
  • Share or save - Ctrl+S / ⌘S
  • Show or hide the docs - Ctrl+B / ⌘B
  • Show or hide library - Ctrl+K / ⌘K
  • Show settings - Ctrl+, / ⌘,
  • Close current modal, Cancel wiring - ESC

Browser focus navigation

To navigate between elements on the page use the browser focus navigation. The following key bindings work with most browsers:

  • Focus next element - Tab
  • Focus previous element - Shift+Tab
  • Open or close focussed control - Enter or Space

Accessibility settings


  • System - Applies the light or dark theme based on the preference set in the browser or system
  • Light - Applies the light theme
  • Dark - Applies the dark theme

Reduced motion

  • System - Applies the preference set in the browser or system
  • Reduced - Reduces animations and transitions in the app

Scaling or “Make the app bigger”

Most web browsers let you increase and decrease the size of text, images, and other web page content with settings for zoom and default text size. This app respects both of them and scales the user interface accordingly.

Here’s a list of guides for changing page zoom or text size in different browsers drawn from the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative:


We’re committed to making this app accessible so it can be used by as many people as possible. We welcome your feedback on this topic. If you encounter accessibility barriers, please let us know.