Use ciphereditor in your browser

Visit on your mobile phone, tablet or desktop and use the always up-to-date web app in your browser. No installation or going through a setup wizard is required.

We support modern browsers like Google Chrome 87+, Microsoft Edge 88+, Safari 14+, Firefox 78+, Opera 54+ and many others. Internet Explorer is not supported since Microsoft has retired the browser.

If you want to use the standalone version of ciphereditor in the browser (i.e. without the documentation), visit Note that you can always hide or show the docs on using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+B / ⌘B.

Install the desktop app

During the alpha development stage there is no desktop app release available. Please check back later.

Troubleshooting, known issues & solutions

In this section we are tracking troubleshooting advice, known issues and solutions as we go. If you encounter a problem using ciphereditor that is not listed here, please let us know.

  • Check whether your browser is supported and up-to-date. We officially support modern browsers like Firefox 78+, Microsoft Edge 88+, Safari 13.1+, and Google Chrome 87+.
  • Check whether JavaScript is enabled in your browser. The editor requires JavaScript to run. The docs are accessible without it.