To save or share a blueprint press on the share button at the top of the editor or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+S / ⌘S. In the share dialog you can choose between sharing the blueprint via a private link or saving it as a file.

Share via private link

When pressing on the “Copy link” button in the share dialog a link will be generated and added to your clipboard. You may paste it into an email, a messaging app, into the address bar of another browser window/tab, or use it elsewhere on your system.

Technically, the private link generated by ciphereditor includes the full blueprint document encoded in the URL fragment (after the # mark). Fragments are evaluated by the browser and are not supposed to be sent to servers when the website is requested (browser vendors may choose to handle them differently). This makes sure that your blueprint and the values used within it stay private to you and the people you share the link with.

Save as a file

When pressing the “Save blueprint” button in the share dialog a file download will be initiated. After the download you will find a text file with the extension .ciphereditor. You may store this file on your device or share it via email or messaging app with others.

To open a ciphereditor file visit ciphereditor in your browser and simply drag & drop the file onto the ciphereditor canvas.