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Right-angled triangle definitions

In the formulas below hypotenuse \text{hypotenuse }denotes the length of the longest side of a right-angled triangle, the side opposite the right angle. For a non-right angle α\alpha, opposite\text{opposite} denotes the length of the side across α\alpha whereas adjacent\text{adjacent} is the length of the short side that is next to α\alpha.

  • Sine


  • Cosine


  • Tangent


  • Cosecant


  • Secant


  • Cotangent


To evaluate the inverse of a function, turning a function value into an angle, feed the value into the “Function Value” control.

Angle units

To express angles, you may use one of the following units:

  • Radians - with complete turn α=2π\alpha=2\pi
  • Degrees - with complete turn α=360°\alpha=360°
  • Minute of arc - with complete turn α=21,600\alpha=21,600'
  • Second of arc - with complete turn α=1,296,000\alpha=1,296,000''
  • Grad - with complete turn α=400\alpha=400
  • Turns/Revisions - with complete turn α=1 rev\alpha=1\text{ rev}